Please Stop Giving Me Stuff

Santa Landfill

I like to live free from an excess of Stuff. I’m supposed to grateful to receive things, I know. But I don’t like the way stuff clutters up the space. I’m disturbed by the impacts of manic consumption on people and planet. I live a full life and don’t have time to find new homes for things I don’t need and didn’t ask for. I can’t bear waste.

We urgently need to drop the collective delusion that the giving and acquiring of things, especially new things, is always good. Every unwanted or barely used gift, every piece of Christmas tat, is a theft of resources from future generations and an abuse of people today who experience the effects of environmental degradation more directly than we do. Our hyper consumption can be seen as an act of violence – against ourselves, against the people who make our junk for us, and to the children of today who will grow up to live with the mess we make.

Like most people who live in the global north, I have everything I need and much more besides. More is just burdensome.


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