Thanks for visiting. I’m Sarah, and I’ve been trying to tread more lightly on the earth since 2015.

I became curious about what really works and what doesn’t work to reduce an individual’s footprint on the planet, so I went back to university and studied for my master’s in Sustainable Resource Economics, Transitions and Policy at University College London. I studied things like food, water and energy systems, lifecycle assessment, environmental law and the economics of sustainable resource use.

This blog is me sharing what I learned. I’m guessing if you’re reading this then you’re also interested reducing your impact on the planet. I hope it helps you to think through your choices.

If you would like your zero waste shop or project added to the list, please read the FAQs before getting in touch.


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  1. Malikah Wachill

    Hello, I am a wildlife conservationist looking forward to starting a zero-waste shop in London as soon as possible as I am passionate about tackling environmental issues right from their roots. Would it be possible for you to share the link to my crowdfunding application? My e-mail is wachillmalikah@yahoo.com if you can e-mail me so that I send you more information. Many thanks, Malikah.


  2. Lora Pascoe

    Hi, We are setting up a zero waste shop on wheels in Bridport, Dorset. To reach the wider community around Bridport. We will be opening this summer.

    Would love to be included in your UK-wide stores list.

    our email is thegreenweigh@gmail.com

    Thank you!


  3. J

    Hey Zero Waster,

    Found a great place for loose frozen goods as well as some dry goods – Southbourne Farm shop. They allowed me to use my own containers, very friendly. Should add them to the list.



  4. Weijia

    Hi, I am currently a textile designer doing my MA course at Chelsea College of Arts. I am doing a project about the excessive packaging problem. I collect packages from my everyday lives and use them to make textiles, garments, and art. Your website has been thought-provoking for me. I may reference some of your ideas in my paper and I want to talk to you more about this problem. If you have time, can you email me?


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