I’m been living zero waste for around 3 years. I live in London, and I’m studying for an MSc in Sustainable Resources.

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  1. Malikah Wachill

    Hello, I am a wildlife conservationist looking forward to starting a zero-waste shop in London as soon as possible as I am passionate about tackling environmental issues right from their roots. Would it be possible for you to share the link to my crowdfunding application? My e-mail is wachillmalikah@yahoo.com if you can e-mail me so that I send you more information. Many thanks, Malikah.


  2. Lora Pascoe

    Hi, We are setting up a zero waste shop on wheels in Bridport, Dorset. To reach the wider community around Bridport. We will be opening this summer.

    Would love to be included in your UK-wide stores list.

    our email is thegreenweigh@gmail.com

    Thank you!


  3. J

    Hey Zero Waster,

    Found a great place for loose frozen goods as well as some dry goods – Southbourne Farm shop. They allowed me to use my own containers, very friendly. Should add them to the list.



  4. Weijia

    Hi, I am currently a textile designer doing my MA course at Chelsea College of Arts. I am doing a project about the excessive packaging problem. I collect packages from my everyday lives and use them to make textiles, garments, and art. Your website has been thought-provoking for me. I may reference some of your ideas in my paper and I want to talk to you more about this problem. If you have time, can you email me?


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