What do you list on the zero waste directory? How can I get a shop/project added to the list?

The list is for shops and projects that help people to reduce waste. If you have a zero waste shop or project to add to the list, please send the details of what it offers, where it is based (ie nearest major town, county), and a link to a website if there is one.

As it is for the whole of the UK, I’m afraid I can’t include every single shop which sells something without packaging, or everywhere that sells sustainable goods, for reasons of time and space. I also don’t include stores which promote excess consumption, or online bulk grocery stores, as it is not clear that these help to reduce environmental impact.

Please note that this a zero waste site, not an anti-plastic site. Although plastic use can be wasteful (among other problems) it can also help to reduce waste, depending on how it is used. ‘Plastic-free’ is not necessarily the same as zero waste.

Why are you in favour of plastic? Don’t you know it causes environmental problems?

I am neither for or against plastic, and I am fully aware of the environmental problems associated with it. I believe its important to consider plastic use in the context of the bigger picture, and to base decisions on the evidence.

Do you take commission to promote products/shops?